NEW BLOG and Mid-Winter Break Update!

As my astounding 2 month long winter break is nearly halfway through, I decided I should give my blog a facelift during the down time before studying abroad! Everyone in the blogging world knows that Xanga’s reign as king of the blogosphere has long ended. WordPress is the new “hot” site and being familiar with its interface is a desirable quality for many employers. By giving my blog a new home, I am making it more aesthetically pleasing for the readers (you!) and gaining valuable skills! Win-win for everyone.

My favorite part of WordPress is its ultra-modern and chic templates. The one I have chosen allows me to change the background image quickly and painlessly, so when I’m in Jordan, I can share my adventures in a single upload!

My winter break thus far has been remarkably uneventful. My friends are just now finishing up with finals, so hopefully once they are back in the Fort, I will have more of a social life. Recently I have taken to Pinterest and made a ton of cute Christmas decorations! I will make another blog post soon with pictures of all of my creations. A few weeks ago, the family went to see Jersey Boys at the Aronoff. It was pretty great, even though I only recognized 50% of the songs. I am preparing for a roadtrip to Indianapolis to see my friend Ari and go to her yearly Christmas party. Mom and I are also planning a mini family vacation to Pittsburgh in January. Meanwhile I am trying to finish all the paperwork for Jordan (I just submitted my visa application today!) and apply for summer internships.

Everything on my plate feels overwhelming, but oh so exciting at the same time! I can’t wait to finally finish all the paperwork and applications and achieve something tangible.


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