Welcome Aboard Royal Jordanian.

Travel is nothing if not unpredictable and exciting! After a series of cancelled flights and rerouted itineraries, I am finally on my way to Jordan. If you haven’t heard, London and Paris were recently hit with a large snowstorm, canceling most arriving flights, including mine. Luckily another girl from the program was scheduled to be on the cancelled flight with me, so we rescheduled together.

Instead of flying from Paris to Amman, we were sent to Madrid, Spain for a quick 3 hour layover. During our layover we discovered the astoundingly massive Madrid airport. We also met a fellow American traveling to Amman. She works as a trainer for the Jordanian police and gave us all the details on life in Amman. She couldn’t believe some of the “guidelines” CIEE gave us such as the limitations on clothes. She said she has seen Jordanian women wearing the hijab accompanied by low cut and tight clothing. She also attested to the politeness of Jordanian men and refuted the idea that catcalls are a common occurrence. I am interested to see who has given us the more accurate view of Amman!

After our layover, we boarded the nicest aircraft I have ever seen. Our Delta flight to Madrid was so cramped and didn’t even have personal televisions. I thought transatlantic flights were supposed to be outfitted with the best amenities! However, as I am composing this blog post from my ridiculously lavish economy seat aboard Royal Jordanian airlines, I can attest to the fact that RJ is far nicer than Delta. Each seat has a USB outlet for phone charging, a personal TV, and even a place to hang your coat! The blankets are made of quilt material rather than thin fleece. I have collected a blanket from each of my three flights and am hoping they will come in handy on the cold Jordanian nights!

My travel buddy Christiana and I have not seen any other students in the program, but plan on meeting a lot tonight when we arrive at the hotel! Our police woman friend said she has never heard of the Landmark hotel where we are staying, despite her job making her live out of Ammani hotels. We have the sneaking suspicion that the Landmark will be subpar, but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised!

Now we are going to relax, read Cosmo, drink our legal and FREE white wine, and pray that our checked bags survived the numerous airport changes, insha’allah (God willing).


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