The Dead Sea!

On Thursday we had our CIEE sponsored day trip to the Dead Sea. We had to meet outside the University of Jordan main gates at 8:15am. Then we took a long bus ride across the country to the western border where the Dead Sea is located. First we visited the Dead Sea Panorama Complex which offered incredible views of the sea and the West Bank located just across it.

The Dead Sea. The West Bank is so close!

The Dead Sea. The West Bank is so close!


I know I wrote about being fashionable in Amman, but today was a beach day! I didn’t want to ruin my clothes with salt water!

We had a brief and tiresome class for TWO HOURS that could easily be summed up in the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Lunch was served buffet style at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel. I wish they would stop serving us buffets! Everyone is certain to gain weight at this rate. Afterwards we were free to swim for two hours in the sea. There is not sand on the beach, but instead very sharp rocks. This made getting to and from the sea incredibly painful. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and earned its name because it is so salty that nothing can live it in except microscopic organisms. This level of salinity also makes swimmers float rather than swim! It is possible to swim upright, but you really don’t have to “swim,” as you can let the water bob you up and down. It is famous for its mud which swimmers smear all over their skin to experience its exfoliating and cleansing qualities. The mud really was completely natural! We found it washed up on the shore.


This day was completely exhausting and when we returned to Amman, everyone ate a quick dinner and headed to bed. Friday and Saturdays are the weekend in Jordan instead of Saturday and Sunday. We have the entire weekend off and I can hardly cope with this free time! Caroline and I are planning on heading to an internet cafe where we can upload photos on wifi rather than wasting our own.


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