The University of Jordan

Today was our LAST day of orientation! It could not have come soon enough. Traveling around the city in a large group of 80 Americans with nametags and backpacks while Jordanians gawked almost depleted my sense of self-confidence. Today we received our final schedules and took a tour of the campus. My class schedule isn’t too desirable. I start at 8am or 9am every day and have a 3 hour gap on M/W. Luckily there is a library in the “Educational Sciences” building where two of my classes are and it has wi-fi, so I suppose I’ll be spending a lot of time there.

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 6.50.05 PM

The University of Jordan is a closed campus and you need a UJ ID to activate the gates to gain entrance. With this said, I was surprised at the number of men who still catcalled women as the group walked by. I would have thought that young Jordanians would be less “creepy” than their older counterparts who frequent the streets downtown.

University 032

The food in Jordan still continues to be amazing. Over the weekend we went to Hashem’s and Al-Quds which are two famous restaurants in Amman. We bought a falafel sandwich for only 70 piasters ($1) at Al-Quds and then ate a huge dinner with falafel, hummus, fuul, and pita for 1JD. While the food is inexpensive, the coffee certainly isn’t. A grande latte costs 2.30JD!!! Even getting a tiny cup of Nescafe (smaller than a Starbucks tall) is the same price as a 70-piaster sandwich! I will definitely be cutting back on the caffeine to save money this semester.

I predict nothing too exciting will happen in the upcoming week. I plan to take it slow and try to catch up on sleep as I’ve been extremely tired the past couple of days. All of my friends in homestays only socialize on the weekends and my apartment friends and I can relax in our living rooms, eliminating the need to go out in public to see each other. I’ve also decided to limit myself on how often I will eat out with friends. I have a full kitchen so I plan to make my own meals during the week and only eat out on weekends. Hopefully this will save me money and prevent me from gaining the “shway weight” many of the CIEE advisors warned us about.


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