Skyline Chili…. Sort Of.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 4.04.39 PM

Yesterday I ventured to Chili House, the knockoff Skyline Chili near campus. Alison is also from Cincinnati (not my best friend/travel buddy Allison, she is from California) so we often discussed our love for Skyline. The past few months I have repeatedly seen billboards promoting Chili House and their “three-ways.” The name and photos seemed almost identical to Skyline, so I convinced Alison to try it.

The menu was incredibly misleading. A basic three-way did not cost 3.20. You could either order a three-way AND fries for 4JD or a three-way and a coney for 5JD. I decided to splurge and try the latter. The entire ordering counter was very disorganized and Alison and I both agreed that this restaurant spoke the least English out of every other place we had been to in Amman. I ordered solely by pointing and hand gestures.

Unfortunately, they did not have the trademark oyster crackers which severely detracted from the experience. However, the taste of the three-way was surprisingly similar to Skyline! The chili was a bit more watery and gel-like (which is common here. Ketchup is a revolting gel-type substance) but tasted almost identical. The cheese immediately melted which ruined the cold cheese/hot chili contrast that I love. The three-way reminded me most of when my mom tries to make three-ways at home. It isn’t quite right, but it is enough to diminish my cravings. Nothing can be as good as the original!

Now we just have to suffer in anticipation for the first bite of delicious Chipotle.

The planning for Easter break is also underway. My friends and I have decided to couch surf in Tel Aviv, Istanbul, and our post-Easter break trip to Dubai. Couchsurfing is when you use the couchsurfing website to find a host willing to let you stay on their “couch” for a few days. It is completely free which saves A TON of money. We have only contacted verified members with good reviews from other users. A lot of people on the CIEE program couch surfed over spring break and had enjoyable experience. If anything, it will be an adventure!


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