Last Day of Classes and the Farewell Dinner!

Thursday marked the last day of our Arabic classes! Never again will I have to spend an hour in the evenings translating sentences or completing online drills. We only have three more days of Arabic exams until I will never have to speak another word of Arabic again! To celebrate this, we had a mini-hefla (party) in class on Thursday. Our professors provided sweets and a few students shared their favorite moments of this past semester.


We also had the CIEE farewell dinner where all the students came with their host families to enjoy a buffet at the Landmark hotel. Since none of us apartment kids have families, we all sat at our own table and did what we do best: judge people.

After the incredibly filling dinner and a few speeches in Arabic, two CIEE students played songs on traditional Arabic instruments. Then, a group of bedouins entered the ballroom and began the true entertainment of the evening: the debka. This traditional dance is the bane of my existence in Amman. In America, I hate the cha-cha slide and other organized dances. The debka is basically the Arab version of this.

The entire ballroom flooded to the dance floor and began to jostle around, trying to do the correct footwork. Lauren, a huge fan of the debka, was even asked for her phone number by one of the hired bedouins. How professional!


The evening did provide for a lot of photo opportunities, a great way to remember the friends I have made that I don’t necessarily see a lot of. The ballroom also had interesting Arabic calligraphy decorating the walls, so a lot of students posed in front of these murals.

We even managed to organize a picture of the “Jabal Amman” gang! Rob and Joey are roommates, as are Caroline and Allison, but my and Lauren’s roommates are not in the picture.


Me and Matt!


Joey, Rob, Me, Allison, Caroline, and Lauren in the front!

This weekend, Caroline, Allison, and I plan on going to the malls to go shopping before Easter break. The weather has been in the high 80s for most of the days this week. Summer has officially begun!


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