Voodoo Donuts

This weekend I met up with a couple new friends who showed me around the city!

On Sunday I went to the weekend market downtown. It features tons of booths with handcrafted goods and interesting things. There were a lot of awesome t shirts and I’ll definitely have to pick one up before leaving Portland. I also got my first glimpse into the food cart culture! So many carts were lined up around the market. My friend ordered an “elephant ear” which I had never heard of before. It is a huge piece of fried dough the size of checkers board. Then you can choose the toppings ranging from plain cinnamon sugar to jelly to maple syrup! I simply ordered a coffee as we were planning on going to Voodoo later.

Voodoo Donuts is famous in Portland. It was featured on Man vs. Food and the most famous donut they offer is the maple bacon bar. I’m not sure why, though, as it is simply a maple bar with some bacon on top. They also serve strange donuts with various cereals piled on top. I went with their classic “Voodoo Donut” which is in the shape of a person, filled with raspberry jam, and has a pretzel stabbed through the heart. It was pretty good, but as my Portland native guide told me, the donuts are nothing special. People mostly go for the experience and the 20 minute long line outside!


Photo from Google


My little doughnut!


After spending the morning wandering around the city, I met up with another friend (isn’t it great to have friends who know so many people in Portland to friend-matchmake me with?!) to go hiking! I have only really hiked during my trip to Iceland and it was so intense that it turned me off from it. I do like being active and seeing nature, I just never know where to go!

We wanted to start off easy, so we went to Hoyt Arboretum. It was fairly crowded since it was Sunday, but it was still gorgeous. We hiked the “one hour” trail in a mere 30 minutes and then tackled the “two hour” trail in 45! I discovered that I love redwood trees and their soft, spongy bark.



While we were hiking, I mentioned Skyline Chili to my friend and it reminded her of a restaurant in Portland named Skyline. It is more of diner, but she claimed we just had to go! It was located near a really scenic view of Portland so it was a great place for a photo op. For being such a beautiful city, Portland isn’t really photogenic. All the bridges and industrial ports make it look like a rustbelt city. In reality, it feels distinctively northwestern! There are pine trees everywhere and everyone is SO active… more active than in Denver!



View from the bridge near my apartment. Mt. Hood in the background!

My internship starts tomorrow so I’ll let you know how that goes! I’ve also been busy applying to other part-time jobs since my internship is only three days per week. If I have to check “No, I’ve not been convicted of a felony in the past 6 months” one more time, I might scream!


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