Links from the Abyss: Rare Finds from the Depths of the Internet

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 3.56.35 PM

Nothing screams summer more than lemon! Whether you’re drinking lemonade, putting lemon juice in your hair as a natural way to go blonde, or baking up some lemon custard pie, this little fruit is the epitome of summer. But what do you do with those pesky seeds? Instead of throwing them away or (even better!) composing them, you can plant them and grow even more lemons! Reduce, reuse, recycle! (

Want another idea of what to do with left over trash? Take a cue from artist James Dive and turn it into art! He compacted an entire abandoned amusement park into a cube of installation art and placed it on the shore of Denmark. If only all landfills looked this cool! (

Need to break your toddler of his addiction to your iPhone? Have pesky friends who insist on using your data plan to tweet about their lunch? Download the new app, Screen Time, that lets users select a pre-determined amount of time before the phone goes into lockdown and requires a passcode to unlock. Let your kids discover a wonderful thing called “the outdoors,” (

If you want to show off your commitment to your significant other but are too afraid to get permanently ink’d, consider getting a custom made necklace of his signature! Maybe it’s the perfect push he needs to improve his penmanship which has been in steady decline since 3rd grade, (

Everyone loves traveling, but if you’re anything like me, “family fun” and “cheap eats” are two keywords NOT on your agenda. Check out Luxe City Guides for the glamorous alternative to Lonely Planet. They have guides for popular spots like Chicago, London, and Rome, but also more obscure destinations like Sri Lanka, Stockholm, and Dubai! (

This is my favorite discovery of the week! Cake slice postcards! The link has DIY instructions for creating these foam-and-cauking desserts attached to the back of a postcard. The only downside is that they are $3 to mail, but the absurdity factor is totally worth it! (



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