The Life of a Working Woman

Guess who finally found a job!? This girl. Right here.

Unfortunately, it significantly cuts into my “wandering around Portland” time, but the pay is so good, it doesn’t even matter. After applying to about 20 different places and having two interviews for Pier 1, I ended up being offered a paid position at the store where I intern! So now, instead of interning two days per week… I intern two days and work two full days!

I had my first taste last Thursday when the shop had its customer appreciation night. I’ve never worked retail before, so learning how to work the register and how to greet customers is all new to me. I believe part of my job will be working the sales floor, but a large portion will also be managing the online inventory and entering the data as we get new items in stock. So far it’s great!

During my now-pointless interviewing process for Pier 1, I was exposed to my first group interview! It was a bit of a shock as I was expecting a one-on-one interview, but soon realized the truth as several other college-aged girls showed up carrying resumes and dressed in business casual. I started talking to one girl while we were waiting for the interview to start, so we made a little friendship. Turns out, she works at the hookah bar near my apartment! Always good to have connections.

The interview was surprisingly long. We spent about 45 minutes going around and answering questions about previous work experience and how to deal with certain situations. The last 15 minutes we had to roleplay! It was the most involved interview I’ve ever had to do, but I suppose I did well as I received a call a week later asking me to have a second-round phone interview. I had already accepted the position at the store where I intern, so I politely declined and thanked Pier 1 for the opportunity. Maybe if businesses really want to hire employees, they shouldn’t drag out the application process to almost 3 weeks long!

Other exciting news is that I’m going to Vancouver, Canada, this weekend! I’m going with my friend, also named Katie. We are taking the Bolt bus that goes from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver for only $30. We leave Friday morning and return Sunday night. Not being 21 in Portland has significantly diminished my opportunities to meet people as it is a largely bar-centered social city. Also, most restaurants turn into bars at night so everyone under 21 must leave by 9pm anyway! Insane!

I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures of poutine, maple syrup, and bears after I return!


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