Links from the Abyss


Unless your dad is Chevy Chase, your family road trips are probably as thrilling as waiting in line at the DMV. Instead of playing the license plate game for the 79th time or eating endless amounts of gas station food, try plugging your route into and finding interesting sights along the way. You can even filter the sights by category in case your youngsters are more interested in seeing historical homes than ancient rock formations! (

If work deadlines and/or a ticking biological clock aren’t enough motivation to inspire you to be a more productive person, read this interview with a truly amazing woman. She has decided to drive across North America and give free manicures to everyone she meets. Who needs the expectations and pressures of society? Pack up your dog and do what you want! The world needs more people like Breanne Tramnell. (

Pinterest yields yet another fascinating recipe! If my favorite dessert of “oreo cookies inside chocolate chip cookies” is any indication of my preferences, I know I’m bound to love this “salmon inside spinach inside puff pastry” entree. I’m still working on depleting my last haul from Whole Foods, but the next time I find myself caught in the endless refrigerator-stare-off, I’ll whip up this beauty (

Is your child too belligerent? Send him to boot camp. Overweight? Send him to fat camp. It seems like the idea of “camp” has become a simple euphemism for adolescent rehab. Adults, too, have started cashing in on this opportunity. A new camp in California named “Camp Grounded” is a three-day retreat for adults seeking to “unplug” from technology. Apparently paying the $300 price tag for admission is a better option than telling your best friend to hold your electronics hostage for a few days. The New Yorker published an interesting look at this camp and discusses if unplugging is truly possible (or worthwhile) in modern society. (

Who doesn’t love pictures?! Check out this infograph of the world’s alcohol consumption by nation. Even though it manages to validate a few stereotypes (Russians love vodka? Really?), it does shine a sobering light on just how much alcohol the US manages to gulp down. From one perspective, it makes me wonder if being in the top 2 consumers of each alcohol is healthy, but from the opposite view – GO ‘MURICA!  (

When it comes to restaurants, you trust internet reviews on Foursquare and Yelp, so why isn’t there a similar peer-review service for humans? Why believe someone’s shameless self-marketing when you can read biased reviews from his dearest friends? The New Yorker published a witty commentary on human’s dependency on technology and social approval. However, this playful “Human Yelp” isn’t too far from the truth. There’s an iPhone app called Lulu that lets girls rate guys (ranging from friend to relative to partner) so other girls know what they’re getting themselves into! (


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