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Just because you’re finally an adult (children, taxes, and menopause! Oh my!), it doesn’t mean you have to give up all earthly pleasures. Remember the sheer joy of blindly swinging a baseball bat at a paper-mache flower while your third grade friends cheered you on? Relive the glory days by making an adult-themed piñata! Instead of releasing an assorted mix of candy, this brilliant idea showers participants in little bottles of alcohol. Perfect for a bachelorette party, New Year’s Eve, or even just an exciting Saturday night. Who needs an excuse for mini bottles? (

Meow! Who can resist these adorable kitty donuts? Here in Portland, we all have a fondness for Voodoo Donuts, but sometimes a girl needs a break from crude humor (the Cock-N-Balls donut has cream cheese filling? Really?) to focus on the fluffier things in life. These little guys are the purrrr-fect combination of cute, delicious, and easy! Treat your kids to an extra-special weekend breakfast and temporarily quell their requests for a real pet. At least these donuts won’t bring you dead birds as “gifts!” (

As popular music becomes more profane, the attempts by Kidz Bop at neutralizing the vulgarity become more amusing. If you aren’t familiar, Kidz Bop is a CD that features popular music sung by children. Why anyone would want to listen to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” sung by a pre-pubescent boy is still a mystery – but a very entertaining mystery. Check out this cover of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and let us know which family friendly lyric is your favorite! (

Have you ever seen those alien-looking barcodes that plague the corners of advertisements and rotating billboards in airports? QR codes are the hot trend in advertising and function by allowing consumers to scan the code with their smartphone and then have mobile access to all the information about a product. However, as with most inventions, brilliant minds are starting to use it for other purposes. This list of “13 Ways to Use QR Codes” actually makes us fans of the trend. Our favorite? Putting QR codes on nametags at networking events (or social mixers!) to allow easy exchange of contact information. No longer is “I guess I miswrote your number!” a valid excuse for not calling. (

I tried to think of a witty comparison to having to listen to a friend or relative’s endless rants about her pets, but one truly does not exist. A conversation dominated by a 30-minute monologue about how Scout doesn’t like going outside because it irritates his skin condition is a level of Hell reserved for those in the ranks of Hitler and Ann Coulter. The Onion, a popular satirical news source, recently published an article giving us a bit of comic relief for the endless hours lost to these insane pet owners. (

To belatedly celebrate 4th of July, check out this awesome ‘MURICA cake someone on the internet made. It reminds me of the days in high school when, in a desperate attempt to get out of writing a paper, I baked a cake in the shape of a city and proposed that the “drab, grey outside concealed the deliciously sweet inside, much like the character of Esperanza.” I managed to get an A+, solidifying my undying love for baking. (


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