100 mph

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity! It kicked off on Sunday when I went with my friend Elizabeth to the coast. Contrary to popular belief, Portland is actually located about 2 hours inland. We had to drive through windy forest roads to get to Tillamook, the town that is home to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! We stopped and took their free tour, but unfortunately the factory was not operating that day, so we got to see all the machines turned off.

We did get to taste the famous “squeaky cheese” curds and ice cream! I didn’t like the cheese curds that much. They were just balls of cheese – nothing special. The ice cream was delicious, though!

We continued on our day trip about 15 minutes west until we hit the shore. The first beach we found had a very low tide, so we could walk on the sand about a half mile into the ocean! Many families were there digging for clams and crayfish. I found a pretty cool shell and managed to take a picture of it! I’m really impressed by the quality of this picture, considering I took it with my iPhone while bent over and squinting in the sun.

We continued to drive along the coast until we got to the town of Oceanside, Oregon. We stopped at a delicious cafe for lunch and then played on the beach. It was stunningly beautiful and I would have loved to stay longer, but it was so cold! About 50 degrees plus the windchill. Brrr! The water was even colder. I can’t believe some parents let their kids swim in it!

The ride home found us caught in Portland traffic (on a Sunday!) so it was pretty irritating. I think Portland’s traffic is worse than Denver’s!


On Wednesday, I unexpectedly went to the Postal Service concert! I met someone with an extra ticket so I gladly claimed it. The show was so good and I’m definitely more interested in their music now. The one bizarre aspect of the show was the opening act. The Postal Service is a very electronic, hipster band, but their opening act was Bog Frieda from New Orleans who rapped about booty and had several women on the stage twerking. The audience was so confused and the reactions were hilarious!

I spent Wednesday and Friday babysitting six kids ages 4-8! It was so exhausting. Kids cry so much over nothing! I got so tired of pretending to be concerned over pulled hair. If they were my kids, I wouldn’t even give them attention to fuel the faux tears.

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 12.28.53 AM

I’ve also come to realize just how scary it is that new generations are more and more addicted to technology. The first day, the kids spent forever just sitting on the couch playing iPhone and iPad games! I’ll admit that they’re a good way to distract a kid from crying or being jealous over a toy, but it’s so depressing! On the second day, the dad set up the bouncy castle which consumed several hours, and then I convinced the kids to walk to the park with me to eat lunch and then play on the jungle gym. It definitely exhausted both them and me!


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