From One Home to Another

The first weekend in August I surprised my parents and flew home for an extended weekend! Luckily my boss is really laid back and didn’t mind me taking a few days off and working remotely. The “main” purpose of my trip home was to renew my license, which can ONLY be done in-person unless you’re active military duty. Crazy! But that task only took a few minutes, leaving the rest of the weekend free to have fun and catch up with friends.

It is so refreshing to finally be able to socialize with my 21+ friends! I spent one evening in Clifton with Mackinley. She told me she wanted to take me to a few hipster bars, but they had nothing on Portland! I noticed that the people in Portland are a lot more friendly than in Cincinnati. I’m used to striking up conversation with strangers, but in Cincy, this is a no-no. I did run into a few friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in ages! And, although I never seek it out, I somehow always find myself consuming Cincinnati’s #1 delicacy: Skyline Chili.


My brother, who is a well-seasoned veteran of the downtown bar scene, took me out to experience the city for the first time as a legal consumer of alcohol. I finally got to visit all of his haunts, including The Righteous Room, Japps, and Scene Lounge. I’ll definitely be revisiting the Righteous Room, if not but for its awesome layout! The skinny bar is intimidating as you first walk in, but the back opens up to an enclosed patio that feels very urban and warehouse-y.

I was also home to experience the Cherry Hill swim team banquet! Lots of delicious food and cake. Grill outs are one of my favorite parts of summer – I even convinced my friends to have one this past weekend! The little break at home was definitely long enough to fit all of my favorite NKY activities into. It gave me the highlights of a summer at home without all of the boredom of working double shifts at the pool. I do wish I had been home for a swim meet, but the banquet was fun, too!

My next big adventure is in two weeks when my friend and I are going to Seattle for the weekend! We are taking the BoltBus again – so cheap! I believe the round-trip ticket AND two nights in a hostel cost $73 total. I love budget traveling. On our to-do list is the famous Seattle public library, troll statue, and seeing the original Starbucks! Our hostel is located across the street from the iconic market so I’m sure I’ll have tons of great photos to post!

Until then, my life consists of working and hanging out with friends on weekends. This past weekend we went to karaoke again – my favorite activity! I also managed to crash a wedding on accident! We stumbled into a reception and got some free cake. It was lemon poppy seed! Unexpected but delicious. I also went to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert for free! They say Portland is the city of music, but I never fully believed it until I was presented with so many free concert opportunities. Their music is fairly popular with one or two songs appearing on popular radio. My favorite is MoneyGrabber. So catchy!


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