FUN Booth

Although I wasn’t looking forward to returning to Denver, the transition has been made easier due to one simple fact: my roommate owns a photo booth.

Katrina, in addition to being a full time dental hygienist, owns a photo booth which she rents out to events and parties. It is HUGE and heavy – trust me, I had to carry it to an event with her once. But on the days it isn’t rented out, we use it for our personal enjoyment.

Another perk about Denver is that I love my roommates. There are basically 5 of us in a 4 bedroom house. Katrina, Ben & Lauren, Uncle Randy, and myself. Ben and Lauren are both flight attendants so they are gone during the week, but on the weekends we love to live it up! Just this past weekend, they were supposed to go camping to celebrate a birthday but the torrential downpour kind of prohibited that. Instead, we threw the party here!



I love how friendly and entertaining our house is. There is always someone to talk to or a stranger to meet! It definitely is never boring. I feel like old Katie would have been uptight and complained about the noise and awkwardness, but Portland has changed me! I love the unexpected.

ANOTHER thing I love about my roommates is how we are all on the same lazy weekend schedule. We all sleep until about noon and then lounge around watching Netflix and eating until 5pm when we finally get dressed and go about the night’s events. I used to feel so much pressure to have brunch/dinner plans every weekend so I wasn’t “wasting” it, but now that I am 21, there is ALWAYS something to do in the evening which means the days are meant for relaxing!

When I’m not hanging around the house, I actually have to go to class – all of which are awful this quarter. First there’s Medieval Literature. Reading old, boring stories is one thing, but reading old, boring stories in middle English is another. Immediately after that 8am class, I have Modern Drama which isn’t as painful, but still a lot of reading. We have to read an entire play every day! From Ibsen to Strindberg to Chekhov, they all start to blend together after awhile.

On the less dreadful side of the week I have Cartography. It has no homework, no tests, and we just make maps for two hours every day. It’s the best! Geography, although it may be a useless major without grad school (NOPE), has been a blast. Finally, I end my week with Postmodern Israeli Literature. We have spent the first two weeks discussing what “Modernity” even means and I still have no clue. It feels more like a philosophy or science fiction class. I just want some books with historical and cultural Israeli-ness!

Also in Katie news, I have a job! My friend Sara works for a country club doing their event catering and said it is loads of fun and I should apply. I had an interview a week ago and he said I sound like a good fit! PLUS, the pay is $11! I’m pretty sure the shifts are based on events, so some weeks might have 3 while others have none, but it will be a good way to earn some money and do something productive!

My favorite new talent has been making homemade almond milk! I usually buy it in the store, but my friend in Portland told me how easy it is to make. You simply soak some almonds overnight in water, blend them with any spices, and then squeeze the mixture in a special nut milk bag and then you have almond milk and almond paste which can be used to make anything! I made granola bars!



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