Failures Make Life Worthwhile!

I can’t remember if it was something we discussed in class or if I read it online, but recently I’ve been thinking about how pointless life would be without problems (some euphemistically call them “challenges.”) If everything came easy, nothing would be worth working for. I relate this to my guilty habit of playing the computer game The Sims where you create “Sims” or virtual humans and then control every aspect of their life. The best part of the game is continually working toward a goal – getting a promotion at work so you can have enough money to buy a bigger house to start a family. If you use the cheat codes to instantly have millions of dollars and thus are able buy everything, the game suddenly becomes pointless. Real life is exactly the same. Although “problems” cause stress, they certainly make life more interesting and worth living.

Recently, I’ve had a lot on my plate. We are in the depths of pre-finals paper writing season (it is week 7 out of 10!) at school, I’m still working my catering job, and the shop in Portland has hired me to write a WEEKLY blog post instead of a bi-monthly. All of this on top of trying to maintain a social life is tough! Rather than dwell on and complain about the disappointments in life, I like to laugh about the ridiculousness of them! So without further ado, here are the little (funny) failures that have sprinkled my life lately.

1. I realized that I’ll never be a pastry chef. My Israeli lit professor has been on a strict no-processed-sugar diet for the past two months. We were discussing how much he craves sugar with every meal, so I offered to get adventurous and make the class a bunch of sugar free desserts to eat. I found a pretty simple looking brownie recipe at this link and decided to try to make them with my roommates during our “Girls’ Night” last Wednesday. Somehow, we messed up. The batter tasted SO BITTER and it was way too thick to ever bake. We decided to blend up some bananas and apples and water to add to the batter. It actually worked! We tried following the normal baking instructions but after 30 minutes, the edges were crispy and the center was still liquid. We decided it would be a good idea to bake them at 200 degrees for the remaining 5 hours of our Girls’ Night. Even when we pulled them out at 2am, they were still mushy! I was so sad and didn’t want to take them into class, so we tried to make sugar-free cookies. I didn’t have sugar-free chocolate chips, so we used unsweetened cocoa powder. These cookies turned out WORSE. They tasted like little balls of powder held together by water. Blech. I took them both into class and my professor loved them, even though the rest of the class was skeptical. Oh well, it made for a fun night!

2. I lugged my pumpkin all over town for no reason. Saturday night, my roommate Ben and his girlfriend Lauren invited me to do some pumpkin carving at Lauren’s house with her roommates. We went to the grocery and I picked out the ugliest pumpkin I could find. It was gigantic! We all drove separately because I planned on coming back home afterwards. Lauren lives downtown, so finding free parking at 10pm was impossible. I had to park a mile away and then carry my 20lb pumpkin all the way to her house! And we didn’t even end up carving them because it was so cold outside! Oh well, now I have a pumpkin for my other roommate Katrina’s pumpkin carving party tomorrow!

3. My car is an ice box every morning. The weather in Denver has been dipping below freezing lately. On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I have to leave the house at 7:30am, which unfortunately means scraping the ice off of my car. While this is definitely unpleasant, it is interesting to see which methods are the most effective – scraping and then defrost? Or defrosting and then scraping? Should I ever use the wiper fluid? Every morning is like a new experiment!

4. Does Goodwill even need to have a sale? I love shopping at Goodwill because everything is $5 or less (unless it is a super fancy fur coat or something similar.) Occasionally, they have a “tag sale” where certain clothes with purple/blue/yellow tags are 99 cents for the day. Katrina convinced me to wait until this day to go to get good deals. But by the time I went, everything was picked over and none of the 99 cent items were left! This prompted me to take a peek at the men’s section out of curiosity and I found the best, most cozy grandpa sweater ever. It has the cheesy diamond pattern and everything! Last trip, I got a great pink and purple men’s flannel shirt. I wish I would have realized that what you wear to class doesn’t matter in America! I save looking cute for the days I don’t wake up before the sun.

Even though I’ve had my fair share of bad luck recently, I’ve had good luck, too! I think my happiest moment of the past week is when I went to a bar near campus named The Stadium Inn with my friend Tracy. We met up with her friends and an hour later, the bar staff started giving away free shots in FREE light up shot glasses! Just when it couldn’t get any better, they handed out FREE light up devil’s horns! Perfect for Halloween! Speaking of Halloween… I need to start making my costume for this weekend! I’m going to be the Tardis from Doctor Who. It is a blue phone booth, but I found a cute tutorial online about how to make the costume in the form a dress!



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