A Belated Halloween

Yes, yes, it is an entire week past Halloween, but doesn’t that just show how much fun I was having as I was too busy to update?!

I have an affinity for homemade costumes. Not sloppy homemade costumes like being a “cat” or “witch,” but thoughtful homemade costumes. Senior year of high school I spent an entire month sewing and gluing my owl costume together. It was a big hit, even if I left a trail of feathers everywhere I went! Last year I didn’t have any big plans, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on a costume, but I still put together a pretty fun Greek Goddess costume with lots of glitter and plastic grapes!

This year, I wanted to be something semi-trendy, but still unique to my likes, so I was the Tardis!

You are probably scratching your head and thinking “What in the world is a Tardis??” just as everyone I encountered on Halloween night did. The Tardis is the time machine from Doctor Who! It is a very recognizable character to people who are familiar with the show, which is unfortunately only a few. In the show, the Tardis is a police box which is shaped the same as a British telephone booth, but only connects to the police. And instead of being red, it is blue!


Seeing as we had to wear our costumes to work, I didn’t want a bulky box made of cardboard to lug around all night, so I decided to make it into a dress! Luckily, the Tardis is a popular costume for people to cosplay in, so there were many examples online that I could base my version off of. I got a simple blue dress, some black and white fabric, and some fabric glue – that’s it! I spent an entire evening cutting out the windows and letters. It took forever. But it turned out pretty nicely!


One of my coworkers dressed up as the main character of The Doctor, so at least someone recognized my costume! I got to wear it three times – once for work, once for the weekend before Halloween, and once on Halloween! It got progressively dirtier as the number of wears increased. I can probably never wear it again as it has several wine stains on the white windows, but it was fun while it lasted!


A photo of a photo from the photobooth!


My roommate on the far right (dressed as a 21 year old!), and all of our friends!


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