Bergen, Norway!

Our first day in Bergen was Sunday… The day that everything is closed! We left the hostel at 10am and stores were just then starting to open. We got coffee and yogurt at a cafe and it cost $12 total! So expensive. Then we wandered around and saw the famous German merchant houses that line the harbor. Bergen was established around 1200 and the same foundation still stands, but the buildings have been rebuilt in the 1900s. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage site due to this.

December and the surrounding winter months are Scandinavia’s “off season” so many things are closed, but we managed to find a fjord tour that was open. It wasn’t really a tour, but a ferry. Still, it was nice to get out on the water and see the famous landforms that bring tourists to the area. The Faroe Islands were more scenic, though!

In this region, since it is the winter, the sunrise is around 9:30am and sunset is 3pm. It is so bizarre! We returned from our tour around 3 so it was already dark. We wandered around a bit more and got an early dinner at a local place that had Scandinavian food. I ordered a smoked salmon and egg sandwich. Sandwiches here are open faced and only have one piece of bread. This was easily the best sandwich I’ve ever had! It didn’t even taste like fish. I have a goal to eat fish whenever possible because it is the best in the world here.

Even though it was only 8pm, we were both exhausted so we came back to the hostel and passed out. We figured nothing fun was happening on a Sunday night anyway. We woke up this morning and got our tickets to Oslo sorted out and then grabbed breakfast. Everywhere we looked at had food for 120NOK or about $20. That’s a pretty expensive breakfast so we kept looking until we found a place for half that price. They weren’t lying when they said Norway is the most expensive country! I ended up ordering something pretty similar to last night and it was delicious again!

We were going to take the famous cable car to the top of the mountain for gorgeous views, but today was foggy and raining so we decided not to. Instead we did a bit of shopping and now we are back at the hostel, relaxing, until our train at 9pm tonight. It is an overnight train so we will see how that goes!

Overall, I didn’t spend that much money here. Only on food, touring, and one souvenir of a fairisle headband/ear warmer. I will definitely get my use out of it here!








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