Malmö, Sweden!

For some reason, Fate decided to change our plans. During our trip from Göteborg to Copenhagen, our train was cancelled in the city of Malmö. It is a mere 20km away from Copenhagen – literally across the large bridge that was closed. They cancelled it due to the high winds from superstorm
Sven. While America has been battling a snow storm, Europe has been facing one, too! The storm stretched from Norway across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and even as far south as Germany – basically our entire area of interest!

They said all trains would be cancelled as well as busses and even taxis, so we were stuck. Tracy said her mom would want her to get a hotel, so she immediately booked one across the street from the station. It was only 4pm so we ventured out to explore and grab dinner. The friendly desk ladies told us to go to the square in the centrum of the city to find bars. The only one that looked worthwhile was the Moose Head Bar and Grill. I ordered the moose casserole because it was the most exotic thing on the menu. It was more of a stew, but still delicious!

The next morning we went to the station to discover that all of the trains were cancelled again. We had only planned to spend a day in Copenhagen, so now it wasn’t even worth our time to go. It would be better to go straight to Stockholm to catch up with our schedule. We made reservations for the overnight train to Stockholm and then left to explore Malmö.

The central shopping street was adorable and filled with interesting and unique shops. I only bought postcards, but they are the coolest postcards I’ve ever seen! Tracy wanted to continue shopping, but I wanted to walk the three miles to the coast and see the famous twisty building. The wind was already really bad, but as I walked near the harbor, the wind made it hard to even take a step forward. Several times it pushed me against a wall or light post and I had to wait for the gust to finish before I could move. The streets were filled with pedestrians, so I wasn’t worried about safety.

As it neared 5pm, I returned to the hotel where Tracy and I agreed to meet. While I was waiting, I chatted with the front desk man who informed me that the overnight train to Stockholm was cancelled. We immediately went to the station where they confirmed it and said we can’t even make reservations for the morning train. We just have to show up and show our cancelled ticket.

We booked ANOTHER room that night (so much for cheap lodging…) and then woke up around 6am only to discover that the 7:11am train was also cancelled. We slept another hour and hoped to catch the 8:11 train. It wasn’t cancelled online, so we went to the station, boarded the train, and sat in our reserved seats that the desk agent said were ours. Of course, an angry Swedish lady who had reserved the same seats on a different cancelled train came and began to dispute with us. The problem was solved when the PA system announced (in Swedish – later translated to us by a stranger) that the train was broken and we had to disembark and move to a different train on a different track. It was utter chaos. Luckily we found another pair of seats and we are now on our way to Stockholm!

The delay in Malmö was unexpected but not completely awful. It would have been great to see Copenhagen, but I’ve already been to Hirtshals in Denmark. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, so it isn’t like we were in the middle of nowhere. I’m just excited about Stockholm!








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