Let the Hunt Begin!

One of the first rules of job hunting is to keep your online presence on lockdown. I already have the strictest privacy settings on most of my social media profiles, so only the friends I have accepted can see my posts. There has been talk of employers being able to bypass security settings to see everything, but that sounds like a lie made up by high school guidance counselors who want to scare kids away from making questionable status updates. Even if it is true, if an employer is offended by my occasional posts about Jewish men or a picture of me holding *gasp* a beer, then frankly, that isn’t an employer I would like to work for!

After my apartment move in day was delayed ANOTHER week (going on 3 now…) I realized that my dream of moving into my new apartment, getting settled, and then job hunting wasn’t going to be a reality. I’ve been spending my days of unemployment hanging out with friends, exercising, and coupon clipping. Several friends have told me that “My boyfriend spend 5 months job hunting before he got an interview,” and “I applied for 7 months before landing my job!” so I feel like I have a long road ahead of me…

So if my online presence is a bit diminished in the near future, just know that I am putting my nose to the grindstone in order to find my dream job!



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