Craigslist Gems

Craigslist has a reputation for being sketchy and being the medium through which serial killers find their victims, but I am quite a big fan of the virtual classifieds. Almost all of my best experiences have come through Craigslist. I found my old roommate in Denver/best friend Katrina on Craigslist. I found my new Portland roommate Emmaline on Craigslist and she’s turning out to be super awesome! I found two of my good friends in Portland via Craigslist when someone was putting together a hiking group. I’ve made tons of money selling old belongings on Craigslist ($180 to be exact) and even found some great free stuff (10 gallons of organic kale!).

But my most recent Craigslist victory was the purchase of my new bed!

I originally had spoken to the old tenants of my new apartment and they agreed to leave me a twin bed for free, but when I was moving all of my stuff into the sunroom, I looked around and there were no beds to be found. I’m not sure if the landlord removed it or what, but I was suddenly in need of a bed!

I’ve been scouting Craigslist for the past two weeks, looking at furniture deals and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. When I saw my bedroom, it was smaller than expected (but still average sized), so I knew I needed a twin. I also wanted to maximize space so I was going to push it against the wall instead of having it centered in the room. A daybed would be perfect as I could use it as a couch during the day! Most of my other furniture is either white or a pale blue, so I didn’t want brown or black. This limited my options and the price only made things more difficult! Most people were selling decent frames/headboards for at least $100. I could get a cheap foam/spring Ikea mattress, but honestly I was a bit weary of the quality. Proper mattresses were going for an additional $80-$100!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.46.14 PM

Plus, there was the issue of hauling it. Almost all of the Craigslist ads said that the buyer was responsible for picking it up and moving it. This would be a joke in my tiny Civic. My friend Alex drives a large SUV, but he lives all the way out in the suburbs and is pretty stressed out due to flight school finals so I didn’t want to bother him with something so petty. I know Ikea furniture can be disassembled and reassembled fairly easily, so I was planning on either finding an Ikea bed on Craigslist or buying one new since the prices were pretty similar. Plus look at how pretty they are!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.47.04 PM

However, my luck changed earlier this week when I was absentmindedly browsing Craigslist and found the deal of a lifetime. An adorable powder blue daybed from Ikea. Complete with Sealy mattress! All for $99!!! The ad was written by a mother who said the bed was used as a guest bed for her daughter’s friends and had only been slept on maybe 5 times. They were looking to downsize and wanted to sell it.

I took a chance and emailed her. I mentioned the issue of my Civic and offered to pay an additional $20 if they would deliver it. This may seem like a high delivery fee, but they lived out in the suburbs about 30 minutes away. Also, I know how tough it can be to sell stuff on Craigslist so I wanted to make it easy for them. Plus $99 was already a steal. She accepted and we managed to organize the delivery for that evening.


The transaction was smooth and her husband was even originally from Kentucky! I could tell by his UK sweatshirt. Overall, they were nice people and I am more than excited about my bed! The only dilemma now is trying to store it for the additional two weeks before we move. I bought it when I thought we would still be moving in March 1st! Maybe I will pass time time between working out and job hunting by acquiring free furniture from Craigslist!


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