The End is in Sight!

In true fashion of the whirlwind of chaos this move has proven to be… Emmaline (my roommate) and I were notified in the middle of last week that our apartment *may* be ready for us to move into that weekend! We scrambled to get everything packed based on the possibility that we could move. Of course, they discovered that the carpeting was too ripped to re-lay and they had to order brand new carpet. Aside from the fact that they were planning on relaying disgusting, flooded carpet, this meant we were postponed another day! At least this time it wasn’t another few weeks!

Emmaline’s boyfriend scheduled the U-Haul and movers for Saturday afternoon. We went to the apartment in the morning for a rushed walk-through with our landlord. This was my first time meeting her and she was very frazzled – exactly like her emails and actions suggested! I made sure to point out all the cracks in the baseboards and scuffs on the walls so we weren’t charged when we eventually move out. She was “running late” for another appointment so she said we could have 72 hours to inspect everything and notify her via email if anything else was broken or damaged. Also during the walk through we noticed that the dishwasher had shards of glass caught in the motor and the blade was off its alignment. Apparently the old tenants ran it several times with the blade wedged in the bottom, so some of the plastic was melted off! At this point we weren’t sure whether the old tenants were just very dumb or if the appliances were cheap.

It took until about 6pm to load all of the boxes into the apartment. I managed to unpack everything and realized my room is tiny! Pictures will come as soon as I get everything set up, but I was very stressed out about the placement of everything in my room for the first day or two. I’ve since managed to rearrange and now I’m pleased with the layout, but my first sleepless night was definitely spent brainstorming how I would get everything to fit!

That evening, we all went out to Portland’s best Mexican restaurant to celebrate our move with margaritas. It was great being able to walk there! I’ve been spending the last several days unpacking my toiletries and knickknacks. I had to make a trip to Ikea to buy a small dressing table. I ended up locking myself out of my car while loading everything into it so I had to spend an extra hour waiting on AAA in the parking lot! Thankfully the move and my bad luck is behind me and Emmaline and I have been having a great time decorating. Our kitchen is 100% complete and it’s SO NICE. We have brand new appliances and a lovely stone countertop and back-splashes behind the oven and sink. Now we are just trying to find a vintage bar cart for the living room to store all our alcohol! Here’s a little video tour of our kitchen and (MESSY) living room. I took it while the contractors were working so there’s some weird background noise and no narration!

Some real excitement occurred when I was unpacking my closet. Emmaline wanted the room with the best natural light, so I got the room with the bigger closet! Win-win for both of us. My closet is three door-widths wide and has three sliding doors. It is a bit awkward to maneuver the doors, but it is space efficient. I admittedly have a lot of clothes, but they all comfortably fit in the closet without squishing or crowding. I had hung all of my clothes before we went to dinner and everything was fine. When we came home, I decided to reorder them and, while I was working, the entire closet collapsed!

It was clear that the L beams weren’t screwed into the studs in the wall. Some fool of a contractor decided that simply using plastic screws in the drywall would support an entire closet worth of clothing! Not only did this catastrophe create three huge holes in the walls, but now I had to find somewhere to put all of my clothes while I waited a day for the contractor to come fix it. What a headache! To make matters worse, I discovered that my bedroom door couldn’t close. The frame had been removed to fix the water damage from the flood and hadn’t been reinstalled properly. Luckily the contractor came out the next day (and is returning today to fix the same closet problem in Emmaline’s room!) and now everything is repaired!



The only issue still remaining is that we don’t yet have wifi. In an effort to save money, we are splitting it with our neighbors who are moving in in two weeks. They already have a Comcast-compatible router so we won’t have to pay the extra $100 to buy one! And they are going to set it up and put it in their names, so we just have to pay a simple $5-$10 per month directly to them. In the meantime, I’m trying to limit my internet time. Of course, I get it on my phone, but to do tasks like blogging, I have to go to cafes. To be honest, I haven’t had much time to miss it!

Now that my housing is secure, I have to focus on my job! The company I interned for, Shop Adorn, contacted me again asking to consider coming back to work for them on a 3 month contractual basis. I have one last full-time admin interview with an art studio company this Thursday. If that doesn’t pan out, I think I’m going to work for Shop Adorn. I LOVED my internship and the work I did (and am still doing! I still blog 2-3x per week for them) and the ladies there were some of my best friends. Who else has a boss that throws you a going away party at a karaoke bar and lets you sleep on her sofa afterwards? I think that’s the true American Dream.


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