Spare Time? Craft!

I’ve had a lot of free time. An entire month’s worth, to be exact! I’ve spent several days browsing the Craigslist “Free” section for gems. It’s where I found all the free kale and rosemary! My most recent score was two boxes full of glassware!

Now, it isn’t “real” glassware, but it is recycled! A family in the rich part of Portland apparently had a habit of de-labeling and saving glass jars that typically hold jam, ketchup, and pasta sauce. For some reason, they no longer wanted them, so I volunteered to take them!

I decided to give the lids an update and repurpose them as pantry jars. I HATE pantries that are cluttered with labels and plastic packaging. I plan to have everything in my pantry in cute jars like these! I’ve already bought flour, sugar, rice, beans, and quinoa and emptied each of the packages into huge jars. It just makes everything look cleaner. Plus they are more durable and don’t retain odor like plastic does.

First I coated the lids with a base coat of white paint to hide the metallic shine and labeling. Then I painted with the varying colors. Finally I sealed the acrylic paint with some triple thick gloss! I would have spray painted but we don’t have a yard and I don’t want to ruin the concrete! Here is a little visual step-by-step of how I made the lids…






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