Food for Days

I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing my entire week’s worth of meals on Sunday. This probably sounds incredibly OCD and bizarre, but a surprising number of people do it! I love it because I can just grab and go while walking out the door to work and I won’t get caught making unhealthy lunchtime decisions! Especially since we live across the street from my favorite bakery!

My job has gotten surprisingly busy. Today I arrived at work at 8:30 for the weekly marketing meeting and clocked out at 5:30. It sounds like a normal work day but I didn’t stop working once! Mondays are crazy because I have to plan, write, and schedule an entire week’s worth of social media posts, but it is worth it later in the week. By the time I walked home, it was 6:15 and I was exhausted. Luckily I had already pre-made dinner so I just had to heat it up instead of spending an hour cooking and cleaning!


This week I decided to get adventurous and make mini egg casseroles to take to work in mason jars! It was surprisingly easy and they taste GREAT even if they don’t look so appealing… You simply whisk together egg and your veggies of choice, pour it into a glass jar, bake in the oven un-lidded for 25 minutes and voila! I simply heat one up in the microwave (ugh, I know) and its like having a hot breakfast every morning at work! I also made parfaits in mason jars. Yogurt at the bottom, a layer of flax seed, chia seed, almonds, and walnuts, and then sliced banana on top! It was also delicious.




I bring lunch to work in my fun colored tupperware! It isn’t as exciting – a simple salad with olives, tomato, pepper, and onion with a side of almonds, but it fights off the hunger just fine. These tupperware (Easy Lunch Boxes) are strange. I like the colors, the cheap price, the fact that they are BPA free, and the sections… but they are made for kids with easy-open lids so they aren’t exactly leak proof. I would never take yogurt in them, but even juice from the tomatoes on my salad leaks out! The only leak-proof tupperware I could find was extremely expensive and I obviously needed it in bulk (5 breakfasts [the mason jars are temporary] and 5 lunches!)


Dinner this week is a huge batch of chili since the weather is forecasted to be extra rainy. What’s more comforting than chili? My roommate and I are at a cafe now since we still don’t have wifi (hopefully tomorrow!) and it is crazy how fast the days go now that I am busy with a job! It used to be a struggle to find at least one task to do… now I can barely find time to breathe!



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