Uncollected Thoughts

Here is a small collection of exciting things that have happened that can’t comprise an entire blog entry, but are still worth mentioning!

  1. We bought a new couch! We found it on Craigslist from a couple who had bought a new one. It is slightly yellow, so it makes our beige walls appear to be yellow which is so much more fun! We also got two free purple pillows that add lots of color to the room. We rented a ZipVan to haul it, but the real struggle was pushing it up the stairs. We live on the second floor and the staircase is narrow. Especially when it comes to a “T” at the top and splits into apartments 2 and 3. We had to ask our neighbor to open their door and they thankfully helped quite a bit. It would have been impossible without them!
  2. My latest “freebie” from Craigslist was three free bags of flour! One is white, one is whole wheat, and one is rye. A mother living in the really rich part of town decided she didn’t want them, so she posted an ad giving them away! I picked them up and now I won’t have to buy flour for a loooong time!
  3. Budgeting is actually very exciting. I have the iPhone app “Mint” that lets you set up budgets and track your spending and it is so fun. My most rampant spending has been on cafes for wifi and some extra furniture to get our place looking nice. My monthly budget is $1,000 for EVERYTHING including rent, car payments, food, fun, etc. I will put anything over that into savings. So far I’ve been really under budget. I only have to fill up my car once per month since I walk so much. My monthly grocery budget is $100, but my last three weekly trips have only been $20 each. Plus I’ve been working a fair amount of overtime so I’ll probably end up saving more! Adulthood isn’t SO hard….
  4. If you haven’t heard of Car2Go, they’re awesome! My roommate is a member since she doesn’t have a car. You receive a swipe card to use along with the iPhone app. You can find and reserve a Car2Go with your phone and then swipe your card on the outside of the car to unlock it. Then you can drive it anywhere and pay by the minute. You can also leave it anywhere in the city! We took one to get to the bar this past weekend and it was so convenient. Walking back two miles in the rain because the city public transit closes at midnight, however, was not.
  5. The perks of my job are amazing! We are going to a branding retreat in two weeks on Sauvie Island, just NW of Portland, and there is going to be food and cocktails and brainstorming and fun! The boss is also treating us all to pedicures and happy hour for being great employees. To top it all off – we have an office dog! I never thought I’d be a fan of animals in the workplace, but Silas the black lab is so chill. He just naps on his bed by our feet all day and occasionally sighs. He’s fun to pet during meetings, too! Gonna miss him when these three months are over.
  6. I got a free toaster from My Coke Rewards! I collect the codes on the backside of Coke caps and earn points. It is easy when everyone at Cherry Hill drinks Coke! Their prizes usually aren’t too exciting, but we realized we needed a toaster and instead of buying one, I redeemed points for one. It works pretty well and doesn’t have obnoxious logos all over it. It is made of a cheaper plastic, but it gets the job done!

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