Take a Look at My Baby!

Not my literal baby, of course. I can’t even keep a basil plant alive for more than a month, so forget about a living child.

I mean the source of my exhaustion this past weekend! We wanted to create a new “About Us” page at work, so I volunteered/was assigned to gather all of our bios, photos, and questionnaires and compile them into a sleek new webpage. I have never had to make an ACTUAL website before, so it was a bit intimidating. Luckily we use a third party program called Shopify, so they did all of the heavy lifting – I just had to design the graphics and do a little bit of HTML coding to make it look right.

You can see it at this link but if you want a truly interactive experience, you can take the “Find Your Shop Adorn Style Sister” quiz also found on the “About Us” page. It is also the product of my labor and everyone seems to be enjoying it! We have a current contest going on where you take the quiz and then comment on our Facebook post with your result. Then we will pick a winner who gets a $50 gift card! You’d never believe how few people we get to enter our giveaways and contests. Especially the ones that require a bit more effort than just clicking a button!


In non-work related news, I was approved for a bit of time off this summer! I will be heading home to Kentucky to visit from July 17-22. This overlaps with Cherry Hill’s hosting of the All-Star Swim Meet – our biggest, yet! It also gives me time to get back to Portland in time for my birthday on the 23rd. My friend Alex’s birthday is also that week, so we are planning a HUGE party that Saturday. It’s going to be an all-day fun-day!

My Easter was slightly uneventful. I had plans with my roommate but she bailed the night before to go hiking with her boyfriend. I just hung out around the apartment and ate my fill of Easter candy. I am now permanently sick of anything sugary and chocolatey. Give me some hummus and veggies, please!



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