If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying.

There’s nothing I hate more than monotony. Even driving the same route to the gym gets boring after awhile, so I always feel the urge to change it up. That’s why I’ve recently decided to start setting mini-goals for myself. They say you have to do a task something like 21 days in a row for it to become a habit – so that’s what I’m doing. Roughly each month, I’ll give myself a new task and see if it becomes a habit by the next month.

My first success was keeping my laptop out of my bedroom. I’ve always had the habit of staying up too late, browsing the internet or watching Netflix. By refusing to bring my laptop into my bedroom, I successfully separate an “entertainment” space from a “sleeping” space. It makes it a lot easier to fall asleep, too! I no longer have the lazy urge to bring my laptop into bed so I can relax while Facebooking.

My next goal is to stop eating lunch at my desk. I sit in the same spot for 7 hours each day – it can’t be healthy. Sure, I walk to and from work and even exercise for an hour in the evenings, but being sedentary for that long just feels gross. Plus, I like taking a mental health break! So now, I am about 1 week into trying to go outside to eat lunch. We work across the street from a bakery with outside picnic tables, so I’ve been going over there to eat my lunch for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I take a walk around the block before heading back to work. It feels great and its a nice way to split up my day!

A mini goal that I’m working on simultaneously is to charge my iPhone on the opposite side of my bedroom instead of next to me on the window sill. Not only does this eliminate any weird radiation my phone emits, but it also prevents mindless scrolling through Facebook and Instagram while in bed. The most important reason, however, is because I was slipping into the habit of setting my alarm for 6:45, waking up, deciding I wanted to sleep longer instead of walking to work, and then resetting my alarm for 8:15. Of course, I’d wake up just as tired and then feel guilty for not walking. Now, since it is on the opposite side of the room, it forces me to get out of bed to turn it off. Once I’m up, I’m up!

My next BIG goal is to join a Dragon Boat team. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the season (and I am going home to Kentucky during the weekend of the big race, anyway) so I will have to wait til January to join – perfect because that is when my gym membership expires! What is a dragon boat team? Basically it is a rowing team… except recreational and in a super cool boat shaped like a dragon. There are several teams in Portland and you can see them practicing on the river each evening. I’ve looked at a couple of their sites and its obvious that some are competitive and some are more relaxed. I would definitely join a relaxed one. It’s a great arm, leg, and core work out – plus you get to be outside and make friends!


Not much else is going on in my life. This Friday, my coworkers and I are all going to get pedicures and then go to karaoke at a bar. I’m still trying to decide what song to sing! I also want to go to the farmers market and a discount craft shop to buy supplies to make a wreath for our door – the Easter one is still up!


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