My Portland Eat List

As you can recall from my last post, I am trying to eat much healthier with fewer “cheat” days. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about delicious food! Here are my top drool worthy foods in Portland that I can’t wait to try! I try to give myself a free meal each weekend when I go out with friends, so these will have to be my next stops.


1. Blue Star Donuts. I had heard about this new gourmet donut (it pains me to spell it that way. I much prefer “doughnut”) when I lived in Portland last summer, but there was only one location downtown. They just opened a new location on Hawthorne which is extremely close to my apartment! Blue Star is the #1 competitor to VooDoo – Portland’s famous donut establishment. However, Blue Star is supposed to be much tastier, which I assume cannot be too difficult as VooDoo is nothing more than hype, anyway. These interesting creations above crazy! On the left is the Cointreau Creme Brûlée – with a shot of Cointreau on top! In the center is the Cream Cheese Pistachio and on the right is a Valrhona Chocolate Crunch. If I went, I’m not sure what I would get! I love cream filled doughnuts, and they have a Coconut Chocolate Mousse!


2. Sriracha Cheddar Mac and Cheese. I’m not a big mac and cheese fan. I don’t recall ever loving it growing up and I certainly don’t make it as an adult, but I LOVE the mac and cheese at Le Bistro Montage. They have such unique combinations like Buffalo Mac and Bleu Cheese Mac. I brought Mom here when she visited in the summer and it was so yummy. Recently I’ve been OBSESSED with the famous hot sauce Sriracha. It has a savory roasted pepper flavor and a definite kick at the end. I’d love to see how it blends with creamy cheddar cheese.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.04.55 AM

3. Dove Vivi Deep Dish Cornmeal Crust Pizza. I’m also not a big fan of pizza. I’d much rather order wings on game day or during a late night out. I do have a soft spot for deep dish Chicago-style pizza, though. There’s something about an abundance of toppings and sauce that make it feel like a meal instead of a tiny sliver of New York style nothingness. There’s a place in Portland called Dove Vivi and they make gourmet pizzas with cornmeal crust. This gives the crust a certain grittiness and cornbread-taste. It is out of this world! You can build your own pizza and they have a vegan cashew cheese that is to die for. The pies are expensive, but worth it!


4. Fried Rose Petals. This one is really bizarre, but that’s only because it is festival season! The Rose Festival began a few weeks ago and runs for about a month along the waterfront. Fairs are notorious for bizarre fried foods, but a 15 year old aspiring food cart owner decided to create a fried food in honor of Portland, the Rose City. Apparently you can choose from a selection of dipping sauces to go along with your fried rose. I honestly don’t know what I would expect it to taste like. They fry vegetables in sushi restaurants, so why not at fairs?!


4. Salt and Straw Ice Cream. This one is sort of cheating since I’ve also tried it before, but not since last summer! Salt and Straw is THE BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. It is creamy, not icy, and comes in the most unique and savory flavors. My absolute favorite is Olive Oil. It sounds like it would be greasy and heavy, but it is almost floral tasting! Perfect for summer and you don’t feel weighed down after having a scoop or two! They also have other bizarre flavors like loaded baked potato (with real meat!) and chocolate sardine. I haven’t tasted the latter, but I’m sure its amazing. They manage to make even the worst flavors taste like heaven!

Mangoes and lox are my favorite indulgences that aren’t nearly as guilt-inducing as any of the above. I’m so glad it is mango season! I’ve been restricting myself to only eating them on weekends so they are extra special. Lox is my favorite topping for eggs, but it is just so expensive!


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