30 x 30 List

I love lists, but I love goals more. There’s something exciting in setting a goal and then finally achieving it. Three months ago during our work retreat, we set goals for the second quarter. I had just started working 2 weeks prior, so I wasn’t quite sure what the pace of my work would be, but I tried to set reasonable goals I knew were doable by the end of my contract. I left this exercise repeating the mantra my boss told us while discussing goal setting, “Would you rather achieve a predictable goal or a crazy one?”

Now that we are finishing up the second quarter, I’ve completed nearly all of my “crazy goals.” It wasn’t even that hard! I increased our Facebook followers by over 1000 in a mere 3 months. That’s about 100 per week! And it’s true, I do feel a lot more accomplished by achieving these “impossible goals.” So why does this matter? Because I’ve recently discovered the trend of “30 x 30 Lists.” You know what a Bucket List is, right? Well, a 30 x 30 list is a list of thirty things you’d like to accomplish by the time you turn 30. Maybe it is because I live and work with a bunch of 40+ year old ladies or because I’ve been in the “real world” for awhile now, but I’m starting to feel old! My greatest fear is falling into a rut of sleep-work-eat-sleep, so I decided to come up with a LOFTY 30 x 30 list (with some easier ones thrown in)… and I’m determined to make it happen.

  1. Visit all 7 continents.
  2. Go bungee jumping. It’s the next logical step after skydiving, right?
  3. Spend a weekend camping with absolutely no technology.
  4. Grow my own garden of vegetables. 
  5. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, Inauguration Day in DC.
  6. Volunteer in a developing country. 
  7. Attend a wine tasting on a vineyard.
  8. Earn a yoga/aerobics/fitness dance instructor certification.
  9. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
  10. Trek a famous trail. Camino de Santiago, Pacific Crest Trail, etc.
  11. Dine at a 3 Michelin star molecular gastronomy restaurant. 
  12. Drive a dog sled in Canada or Alaska.
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  14. Buy everyone in the bar a drink.
  15. Milk a cow.
  16. Visit a “dine in the dark” restaurant.
  17. Beat an epic food challenge. Think Man vs. Food…
  18. Gain social awareness by living homeless for a week. 
  19. Attend a speed dating session.
  20. Relearn how to bike and commute to work every day for a month via bike.
  21. Win a radio contest.
  22. Take a weekend trip out of state without spending a dime. Hitchhiking, couchsurfing, walking, etc.
  23. Watch the Top 50 best movies of all time… without getting distracted.
  24. Fly an airplane.
  25. Reach my goal weight (I’ve lost 10lbs since May!)
  26. Attend a filming of a daytime talk show. Hopefully “Live with Kelly & Michael”!
  27. Continue learning Arabic, achieve a semblance of fluency.
  28. Experience a sensory deprivation float tank.
  29. Invent and launch an iPhone app.
  30. Visit space.

Some of these are easier than others, but I definitely think all are achievable. Did you hear that they are starting to sell tickets to space?! They are incredibly expensive, but maybe in 8 years it will be affordable. Or maybe I’ll have to move that to my 50 x 50 list…

I’ll admit, I googled other peoples bucket lists to get a bit of inspiration and it makes me feel so lucky that I’ve already accomplished so many things on other peoples lists – go skydiving, get a tattoo, live abroad, learn to cook, take a dance class, sing karaoke. I think the one that is most shocking to me is how many people have “become debt-free” or “pay off student loans” on theirs. In Portland, it is pretty rare to meet a 21 year old who isn’t in crippling debt or working 3 jobs to make ends meet. I’ve gone on so many dates where the guy only gets the cheapest beer possible because he needs to save the rest for rent. It makes me feel extremely guilty for worrying about money and compulsively checking my banking app, just to make sure my ample savings is still there. That’s why I feel like I need to make the most of my life! I am extremely blessed and lucky to have so many opportunities available – I need to take advantage of them all (including space travel)!


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