30,000 Feet

Airplanes are something I really have a love-hate relationship with. I love airports and the hustle they embody. Even though delayed flights are awful, there’s a certain joy in sprinting down a terminal, dodging people and luggage. Where else in the world is there such a spirit of adventure? Everyone is eager to jet off to their destination of choice or happily reminiscing on the memories they’ve just made. I also love discovering the unique features of each airport. Do they have a cool, local coffee cafe? Is it a high tech airport with free wifi and charging stations every 20 feet? Even the simple act of people watching is much more interesting in airports. However, that’s where the buck stops.

As I write this on July 17th at 30,000 feet above the ground, I can only assume that I am somewhere above Kansas. (Actually, I just checked using the free wifi and I’m above South Dakota! Same longitude, though, so pretty good!) It is 1:50 am PST and 4:50 am EST. I’m excitedly making mental lists of everything I want to do once I land and get to visit home for an entire 15 days! I have so much on my to-do list: go to Kings Island, go boating on the Ohio River, eat at my favorite restaurants, go on a weekend camping adventure, and spend a lot of time at the pool!

The Midwest gets a lot of flack for being dull, but I just think all of the exciting places are well-kept secrets. Kentucky and Cincinnati have Skyline Chili and goetta – two deliciously bizarre dishes you only love if you’ve been eating them since age 2. It’s always nostalgic to visit home and catch up with old friends, but each visit also reminds me how far I’ve come since high school. My travels around the states and the world have changed me for the better. My dad’s famous quote, “The Midwest is the Best!” may ring true in his mind, but to me… there’s no place like Portland!

I’ll be sure to update with lots of photos and stories from my trip!


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