Dog Days of Summer

One of the harsh realities of being an adult is that summer is no longer Summer. It is still a warm season that rolls around once a year, but it has ceased to be synonymous with “three month break.” Kids don’t know how sweet they have it! While they are basking poolside, we adults are sweating in our suits and ties while waiting for the stinky bus. Okay, that was an exaggeration. Portland’s busses are fairly clean and surprisingly well air conditioned! However, summers still aren’t that fun for a coldaphile like myself. This summer has been unseasonably warm, too! Just look at the exciting high-80’s and low-90’s temperatures we have on the forecast when they are typically around 80!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 2.45.20 PM

I miss the glorious Portland rain and overcast weather that lured me into this wonderful city. I look in the mirror and I’m shocked by how my skin and hair have turned the same color of summertime beige. I do enjoy all of the outdoor festivals and general camaraderie, but that can’t make up for the lack of air conditioning in our apartment. My Google history is filled with search queries like “How to not sweat while sleeping” and “DIY air conditioners to make for free.” The most heat-relief I’ve gotten was putting your sheets in the freezer for 20 minutes before bed. I guarantee you will go to sleep shivering instead of sweating!

Luckily the temperatures have died down and this week is supposed to be in the 80’s! Who would have thought that Kentucky would be cooler than Portland? My recent visit was a great break from the heat. I definitely appreciated our house’s air conditioning far more than in the past. Plus I was at the pool almost every day, so that offered some aquatic relief. Now to bide my time and enjoy the rest of summer before the dreary seasons hits (I can’t wait!)

On an unrelated note, here is an adorable photograph of my father and I before boarding the dinner train. It’s one for the history books.



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