Hello, Gainful Employment (Again)!

You heard it here first, I finally found a job! After endless applications, cover letters, and a handful of interviews… I was offered a position at the front desk of an optometry office. I couldn’t be happier! The entire staff seems extremely friendly and it was one of the most laid back interview processes I have seen (always a good sign!). The office has a nice vibe and is located on the east side of the river. As glamorous as working downtown sounds, I’m glad I get to stay out of the chaos. The majority of downtown jobs didn’t offer parking or a public transportation pass, which means I would have to spend $25 on a bus pass or even more on a parking pass! Eeek! I had always thought that Portland’s public transportation system was great, but during the 5 or so times I had to go downtown for an interview, I realized it is quite the hassle. Typically the bus is a couple minutes late, but occasionally it comes early, so you’d better be there waiting! On more than one occasion, it just hasn’t shown up! I can only imagine how stressed this would make me. I was even late for an interview one day (the worst faux-pas!) because the bus was 20 minutes late and then the bridge was up, so we had to wait another 10 minutes! Only in Portland can I leave my apartment 40 minutes early and still be late.

My new gig starts on Friday and I’m eager to learn the ropes. There are four doctors at the office and a handful of staff. For my first interview, we went next door to get coffee – my kinda place! During the second interview, it was mentioned that the staff occasionally goes out for happy hour afterwards – even better! I received the offer yesterday, so today I celebrated by treating myself to a brand new purse for fall. I’ve still been using the one I bought for Amman and it is starting to fray at the seams.

I’m glad I can finally end the uncertainly and, even more dreadful, the day to day boredom I’ve been experiencing. It’s tough to find stuff to do when you don’t want to spend money! Once I get settled into my new job, I can focus on a few new goals. I want to get back into running. As much as I like my Diva Den dance classes, I hate having to spend 90 minutes driving each evening. I downloaded a 5K app that helps you train to increase your running endurance. Who knows, maybe I’ll be signing up for a 5K in a few months! I also want to focus on going on more dates. I’ve put dating on the back burner while job hunting (who wants to date someone who is unemployed? Who wants to TELL a date they are unemployed?!) but now I’m ready to get back into the game. With all of the college kids and tourists leaving after the summer season, the bars should be back to normal and filled with Portlanders. Somehow, a first date is much less stressful than a job interview – who would have thought?


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