The Steep Learning Curve

It’s been almost a week since starting my new job at the optometry office and I LOVE it! I have the early morning schedule of 6:45 – 3:45. It is great getting out so early, but waking up at 5:30am is not fun. By the time I go to the gym and make dinner in the evenings, I am pooped by 9pm! I’m sure my body is still adjusting to the sudden change (I was sleeping in until noon before!) and I’ll adapt to the new schedule soon.

I can’t believe I’ve only worked 5 days. I’ve learned so much in that short time. I’m already comfortable answering the phone and taking reservations. I’ve learned how to communicate walk-in customers’ needs to the opticians in the lab. The most challenging task was learning how to pre-screen. You know the tests that are performed before you see the doctor where you have to stare at the balloon/barn/dot while the machine takes measurements of your eyes? I get to administer those! I shadowed for a few days before finally prescreening a patient alone. It seemed so daunting at first – adjusting the machines, pressing the right settings, printing out all of the results and managing the computer software – but now it feels so manageable. The most interesting part is operating the machine that takes a photo of the interior of the eye. You can see the retina, optic nerve, and macula. My first few attempts were pretty dark with everything off center, but they are slowly getting better. The doctors haven’t asked me to retake any, so that’s a good sign! The photos below are examples from Wikipedia – so they’re perfect!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.31.09 PM

Next week I get to learn about insurance billing and how to calculate all of the exam copays and contact lens exam charges. I’m sure I’ll have it down in just a few short days. The fast pace of the office makes the day go by pretty quickly. While I am still training, I have to work Saturdays which is perfectly fine because they are the slowest, most fun day of the week! Last Saturday, we even got donuts from Blue Star – the place I had been dying to try out.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of my new job is figuring out what to wear! My last job was extremely casual so we could wear jeans, but this is a much more professional environment. I’ve been wearing dresses and cardigans since it is still summer weather, but I’m going to need to find work pants and cute tops! I am at a cafe now, enjoying my day off, but I plan to see what they have at Goodwill in a few hours. You never know what you can find!



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