Getting Crafty!

You may recall my complaints about my closet collapsing shortly after I moved into my new apartment back in March. The pole hadn’t been attached to a stud, so it immediately ripped out the dry wall as soon as I hung a bit of weight on it. The repair lasted awhile, but unfortunately it fell down again! I was eating dinner one night when I heard a loud crash in the other room. I thought my magnetic makeup board had fallen down, but it was my closet! I immediately contacted my landlord who (of course) didn’t respond for 4 days until I started being a bit more aggressive about the problem. Living with no closet and no dresser is tough!


Luckily they fixed it and installed twice the number of support brackets, so it should be stable. I decided this was a sign to sell some of my lesser worn clothing and made a whopping $40 at the local hipster re-sell store. I also realized that my hanging shoe rack wasn’t helping the weight issue, so I started planning a solution.

I had two tension rods in storage from when I needed them in college. I had seen a “closet hack” on Pinterest earlier about using a tension rod to create a shoe rack in a normal sized closet. Mine is the width of three sliding doors, so the average tension rod would never reach. I somehow managed to create enough tension between the two rods so that they support each other with a small brick in the center to support the weak spot where they connect. It works like magic and now my closet floor is clear and not a pile of left over shoes!


My final crafting adventure occurred this past Thursday when I noticed our summer wreath was getting a bit un-seasonal. On my day off, I made a trip to the local thrift craft shop called Scrap. Businesses and individuals donate their extra craft odds and ends and this store organizes them all and sells them for half the price of regular stores! I managed to get enough supplies for two wreaths for only $15. If you’ve been to Michaels, you know one seasonal wreath can cost around $60! I finished our Halloween wreath, but plan on making the Thanksgiving one sometime next week. I’m not in love with it, but it gets the job done!


I made the little candy corn out of a styrofoam cone and some free colored felt! I also made baby candy corn/pumpkin/ghost shapes to put on our fridge. I discovered that hot glue sticks to the fridge, but the cold temperature makes it extremely easy to pop off when you want to remove it! Its like a non-reuseable magnet!

This past weekend has been almost 80 degrees in Portland. I can’t wait for the fall weather. We already have crisp leaves on the ground and the smell of bonfire in the air… all we are missing is the chilly 60 degree temperatures!


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