Fall Festivities!

Today marks a 10 day stretch of solid rain in Portland. Our summer was unbelievably dry, but today’s downpour definitely made up for it! So many people at work were late for their appointments due to traffic – you’d think Portlanders would know how to drive in rain! Oregon drivers have the stereotype of being unnecessarily cautious and slow while driving. Washington drivers (who commute into Portland from Vancouver, WA, just across the river) have the stereotype of being rude and reckless drivers. Needless to say, there’s a huge dislike between the two on the roads. I tend to fall into the Oregon team. Whenever I someone is driving crazily, it’s always a car with Washington plates!

As you know, Portland is famous for its rain. It basically rains 24/7 in autumn, winter, and spring. On the days it isn’t raining, it is misting. This makes it pretty hard to enjoy outdoor activities, but we managed to squeeze in one last day of sunshine on Sunday! I went with my friends Maggie, Joni, and Joe to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and eat lots of fall food! Since I don’t have a yard I knew I only wanted a small pumpkin to put in my apartment’s communal concrete/dirt/mulch area near the parking lot. It was only $1 despite being a medium sized 4 lb pumpkin! Although I saved money with that purchase, I definitely paid my fair share for my beloved caramel apple. I LOVE caramel apples with nuts, chocolate, and the works. This local farm only had caramel apples with nuts, so that was the extent of the toppings, but it was still $5!! For one apple! Luckily it was still warm and utterly delicious.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.46.55 PM

After we left the pumpkin patch and spent an entire hour in traffic (moving only 2 miles in that entire time) to get off of the island, we went downtown to Rogue Brewery to get a beer an enjoy the sun. We all opted for pumpkin beer and it was spicy and seasonal. I have tentative plans to go to a haunted house or corn maze this weekend. Fall has always been my favorite season!

Right before I left my old job at the boutique, the owners were making plans to open a second location in Portland. I was excited because it was closer to my apartment and in a very hip and up-and-coming area. What seemed like a futuristic dream has finally become a reality and their grand opening party was last week! I was supposed to go with my roommate but she canceled that morning, so luckily I found another friend to accompany me. I had been to a few other store parties as an employee, so I knew how mingly and fancy they can be. This was no exception! The party had unlimited free cocktails and beer, delicious snacks from local vendors like the famous Salt and Straw ice cream, and hourly raffles. We even got swag bags with free products! It was a fun night and I got to catch up with my old coworkers. It is always more enjoyable to be a guest than a host! My friend is a professional photographer so she thought it was fun to snap photos of me in front of the cool shop decor!



At my new job, we were just told to “Save the Date” for the office Christmas party downtown. It seems like a fancy dinner at a pretty upscale restaurant. Just my cup of tea! In addition to that event, we were told today that the doctor who owns the practice is buying everyone tickets to see the play our coworker has been rehearsing for! It is “Rocky Horror Picture Show” so it should be a blast. I’ve been to a midnight showing before, but now that I know someone in the cast, it will definitely be more entertaining. I love that I finally work somewhere where everyone loves socializing after hours!


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