The Season for Food!

Despite not going home for the holidays, I feel like I will certainly get the same amount of “home cooking” in Portland, even if it is done by me! I’ve had enough time to build a well-supplied kitchen, so now whenever I have free time, I find myself baking. Most recently, I made some delicious candy corn rice kris pie treats for my coworkers. I took them to work today and everyone loved them! It’s nice being able to take them to work so they aren’t tempting me all week at home, but it is still dangerous because I am prone to snacking while baking!


This week I also made an interesting chili/stew for my daily lunches. It is a butternut squash stew with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. The kicker is that the recipe calls for an entire bottle of porter beer! I cooked it in my roommate’s slow cooker and it made my entire apartment smell like a bar. Luckily it didn’t stink up the office when I heated it today at work. All of my coworkers are always so interested to see what I bring for lunch! Most of them either have microwave meals or they go to the restaurants surrounding the office.


Also on the topic of food, I finally decided what to get with a couple Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards I got for graduation/housewarming gifts! Since I’ve been using my roommates slow cooker so often, I decided to get one of my own! The only thing I don’t like about hers is that it is difficult to figure out the correct cooking times since I am gone from 6:30 – 4:30 every day. That’s 10 hours! Most recipes only call for 8 hours of cooking on low and even fewer on high. I’m so afraid of overcooking my food or starting a fire. I found a Crock Pot that comes enabled with WeMo, a device that connects to your iPhone and lets you turn it on and change the temperature wherever you are! This is awesome! I can start my slow cooker while on lunch break at work and it can cook in the perfect amount of time. Plus it is a lot bigger than my roommate’s which is good when I cook a week’s worth of stew!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.46.52 PM


I’ll be sure to update with fun recipes I make in my new toy. But in the meantime, I have plans for this Thursday to go to a local synagogue mixer at my favorite bar! Maybe I’ll finally find the Jew of my dreams!


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