Adventures of Rainbow Fish

Last year I was the Tardis from Doctor Who – a surprisingly popular costume that many people recognized! This year I wanted to be something shiny and metallic that let me wear a lot of glitter! Other than being the singer Ke$ha or a robot, the only character I could think of that was shiny was rainbow fish from the popular children’s book!


The costume was surprisingly easy to make. I just bought several small sections of shiny fabric and cut them down into scales. Then I bought a cheap $5 stretchy skirt and used fabric glue to adhere the scales. It sounds flimsy, but it was surprisingly durable and I didn’t have to buy a sewing machine or spend forever sewing it together by hand. For the top, I found an aquamarine shirt that has mesh long sleeves. Portland has gotten FREEZING recently, so I knew I needed to wear sleeves, but I didn’t want to look completely boring. I also found shiny silver shoes to go with the skirt and ended up accessorizing with shiny mardi gras beads that I gave to strangers who recognized my costume.


My plans for October 31st involved working most of the day. It was surprisingly slow, though, so we had a relaxed day. We all coordinated to wear all black and I wore a light up necklace my mom sent me in the mail. Everyone thought it was pretty neat. After work, I came home to nap and then get ready. I wanted to go trick or treating, but none of my friends were up for it. I ended up getting to do a little bit of trick or treating during my walk to my friend Jackie’s house. It was right at 7:00pm so there were tons of kids out! I only went to the houses that had buckets of candy waiting on the porch. Once I got to Jackie’s I met her boyfriend’s grad school friends and we all played a few card games and had some drinks. We decided to play my favorite game of “Every Hour on the Hour” where you set your phone alarm for 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, etc… and then when it goes off, you have to stop and take a group selfie of whatever you’re doing/who you’re talking to! Here was our group selfie for 9:00…


Around 10:00, we went to a nearby house party being thrown by someone in the grad school program. There were SO MANY people there and so many great costumes! I love guessing costumes. My favorites were Ann & Mitt Romney, “Fantasy football” which involved wearing a wizard hat with a football jersey, and a superhero Duff’s beer from The Simpsons. I especially love playing the “Every Hour on the Hour” game because it captures just how many different people I talk to in an evening. I could never imagine going to a party or bar and only talking to my friends. It’s all about meeting new people!

The next evening, I went out with my friend Caitlyn to the bar that opened up right next door to where I work/down the street from where she lives. It is called Iconic and is dedicated to all of the “iconic” movies. It has two huge projectors that are showing a loop of 5 movies that change every week. The cocktails were pretty expensive and not particularly good, but I started talking to the bartender and he let us sample all of the beers until I found a DELICIOUS nitro beer that was incredible. Carbonated drinks are named as such due to the infusion of carbon (C2) into the liquid. Nitro beers are still “carbonated,” but simply with Nitrogen (N2) instead. It makes it so light and creamy tasting. It’s my new obsession!

After Iconic, we went to Hale Pele which I’ve walked by so many times and never gone into. It is the tackiest bar I’ve ever seen – but so much fun. It is Hawaiian themed and the decor is crazy. You walk through the front door and immediately you’re on a bridge over a little pond with waterfalls. The entire bar is a giant tiki hut with steam rising from the walls and multicolored blowfish hanging from the ceiling. The cocktails are fairly expensive, but they have a giant book that describes each cocktail and gives it an “strength” rating from 1-4. They are all garnished with fun things like cinnamon sticks, aloe leaves, and pineapple wedges. Mine even came with a skull shot glass filled with rum to make the drink strength “customizable.” It is definitely a great date spot.

Now I get to gear up for Thanksgiving! I’m already trying to work my way through the autumn flavors. This week’s lunch is a salad with roasted pears, honey pecans, cranberry chèvre, and golden raisins. Yum! I finally made my first recipe in my new crockpot, too! A simple slow roasted chicken marinated in a tangy honey-soy sauce mix. The texture is so tender and much more delicious than dry roasting. And the iPhone app worked flawlessly!


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