The Winter Blues

It may be autumn, but it definitely feels like winter in Portland! For a city that normally doesn’t dip below 50 degrees, it is supposed to snow on Thursday! Eeek! I am not ready for that. It feels like just yesterday I was complaining about not having air conditioning! Now I am complaining about having to turn the heat on – something I do very frugally. Partially because I am cheap, but mainly because our central heating is so LOUD that it wakes me up whenever it cycles on at night! I’d rather get a good night’s sleep and wake up a bit chilly.

However, the changing weather has done a doozie on my immune system. Last Tuesday I went into work with a bit of a sore throat. Nothing bad, just a bit of a postnasal drip. I felt fine otherwise. But then I woke up on Wednesday totally congested and feeling so weak and tired. My coworker had requested the day off, so I HAD to go into work or else there would only be one front desk person when there are normally 3-4! I wore a huge sweater and warm pants, but I was still shivering all day, despite having the space heater inches from my legs. It was miserable. Luckily I had Thursday off so I spent the entire day sleeping and recovering. Since then, my sore throat has turned into a sinus infection which turned into a chest cold. I’m finally able to breathe again, but my voice is so raspy (great for answering the phone with!) and my cough sounds terrible. I’ve still been able to get a lot done… I just have a runny nose and cough while doing it!

This past Saturday we all went out for dinner/drinks after work and then to see my coworker in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I thought it was going to be the traditional midnight showing where a few low key performers act along with the movie. But this was a full-fledged theatrical production! It was 100% live-acting without the movie as a guide. It was great! Here are a couple photos we took while we were waiting for it to begin!


Also this weekend, my friend Alex and I decided last minute to buy tickets to see Hoodie Allen. I just saw him earlier this summer in Portland, but now he is on another tour and is stopping in Seattle instead. We bought tickets and are planning on driving up Wednesday night for the show and coming back Thursday. It always feels great to go on a mini road trip and see a change on scenery! My travel bug has been itching for too long!

On an unrelated note, I finally took down our Halloween wreath and put up our autumn wreath! I made this one for $10 from the local scrap store. I think it is pretty good!



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