Platonic Dating

Finding a new roommate is tough. I’ve been primarily using Craigslist since I’ve had success in the past and that’s where most of the young, hip people seem to go. Of course, you have to wade through the posts looking for “Safe Place for my Entire Family, Can Only Pay $50 a Month – Must Have Jacuzzi!” to find the normal people, but I’ve found several.

At first, when I thought I might be moving out, I toured several houses and apartments but found that they were either really dumpy for the price (a 6×6′ bedroom for $700 a month) or the people were homebodies and hated going out. I am social! I want a roommate who likes to go to bars on the weekend and meet new people. Of course, she has to be able to pay rent and be responsible, too. Finding this balance (of which I think I’ve perfected) has been hard.

Over the past month I’ve interviewed about 10 potential roommates. Typically I would invite them to a bar or cafe to sit down and have a conversation with first. Most were decent, but still seemed very introverted and self-described as “into reading, sleeping, and relaxing with netflix.” I definitely got tired of asking the same questions and telling the same basic info about myself. It was a lot like dating! You pretty much decide your opinion within the first several minutes of talking, but you’re trapped for the next hour! I did find one girl who was the type of extrovert I was looking for, but she told me she wasn’t very responsible with money and her parents always had to bail her out of situations. We ended up becoming friends and hanging out on the weekend, but I decided we wouldn’t mesh as roommates.

Finally, last week, I received an email from a girl named Maddie who said she was from Cincinnati! It turns out we have many mutual friends and she even dated a guy I went to Beechwood with! Of course, I texted our mutual friends and asked for recommendations and they all said she was awesome. I met her at a bar and she said she had only been in Portland for a week and was eager to explore the scene. I showed her my apartment and she said it was cute and she would love to move in. I have interviewed a few more people this week but plan to make my decision by the weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve been investing more time in making my apartment cute! I FINALLY found a white bed frame from Ikea. It retails for around $300 but I got it for $60! The previous owner also made some modifications to make it more sturdy. I followed an online tutorial and attached 4’x6′ boards to the base to change it from a low-bed to a regular height. It doesn’t look very professional, but it got the job done!


I’m also scouring Craigslist for cheap furniture since my old roommate took all of her living room stuff – coffee table, bookshelf, etc. It feels weird having a living room without a coffee table! I want to create a white and green theme. Nothing too matchy-matchy, but I just want the space to feel light and earthy. We’ll see! I’m simultaneously working on my bedroom and living room, so progress is slow but steady!


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