Creepy Clown Dresser DIY

My roommate Emmaline had purchased a creepy clown/mouse dresser from a local vintage store with the intention of fixing it up. A couple years passed and she never got around to upgrading it, so when she recently moved out, she asked if I wanted it! I intended to switch into the larger room with the smaller closet, so I needed additional storage space for my clothes. My bedroom palette is blue and white, so I knew I wanted to paint it white. First I removed the outdated handles and sanded off the old paint. Then I used a layer of primer left over from my bed project and topped it off with a layer of white paint. The entire project took about a week due to drying time and waiting for the new handles to arrive. I wanted something cheap but modern and I ended up finding them on Home Depot’s website!

Overall, I love the dresser. It is a bit difficult since it doesn’t have rolling tracks for the drawers – just wood sliding against wood, but it gets the job done! Check out some photos I took during the process…

image1 image2 image3 IMG_6600 IMG_6599


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