A Living Transformation!

I have a love/hate relationship with decorating. I love choosing a color scheme and browsing Pinterest for different style ideas, but I hate how carried away I get! I’ll easily spend hours browsing Pinterest and coming up with elaborate blueprints. It is hard when I am living in an apartment and can’t make any major changes to the wall color or hardware!

When Emmaline and I moved in together, we furnished the apartment with the majority of her furniture. It was all functional, but there wasn’t a coherent theme. Everything was pretty neutral and earthy. I never got around to improving our space and so we lived a year in a beige/moss green color scheme. We bought the couch together, but I’m still not a fan. It is a corduroy mustard yellow fabric. It doesn’t go with the beige at all!


When she moved out, she took most of her furniture with her and I finally had a blank slate to decorate! Our living room in the meantime was a bit rough… I had to use everything I had on hand – an old map, an even older rug, and no coffee table! It was slightly embarrassing having to show this to potential roommates.


I knew I wanted to brighten the place up with white furniture and pops of bright color. The first step? Replacing the light bulbs! I switched out the old yellow bulbs for some new white CFLs. You can tell a slight difference in the photos! I already had Emmaline’s white chair she left behind. I spent about 2 months checking Craigslist religiously for a white couch – unfortunately most were stained or extremely expensive. I finally found an Ikea couch (poor quality in general, but the only thing in my budget!) that I could purchase a brand new white cover for. I hate sofa covers – they tend to be extremely ill-fitting, but Ikea covers fit like a glove to the exact model of the couch.


I made/found most of the living room furniture. The coffee table was a Craigslist find for about $20. It was a sandy beige finish which I refinished to match the bookcase/chair on the opposite side of the room (the colors are more similar in real life.) The art above the couch was made by me. I used a gift card to buy the large canvas and then I painted the entire thing an uneven shade of teal. Then I cut a potato into a triangle stamp, dipped it in white paint, and stamped out a pattern! It was a bit time consuming, but I love how it turned it. It has so many imperfections but somehow it all blends together for the final product! I constructed the side table out of two Ikea tables I found for free on Craigslist. I simple gorilla glued one table onto the extra table top and made a cube! It still looks a bit Ikea-ish, but not nearly as bad as before.


I think Emmaline is going to try to sell the big cream chair. If she does, I’ll probably try to find a smaller chair that is a bit more structured and a more crisp white color. The current chair isn’t bad, but it definitely doesn’t match! My boss at work said I was silly for picking white furniture. I have just instigated a rule of no food or drink on the sofa! I’ve also sprayed it with multiple coats of Scotch Guard and have a bottle of Resolve nearby incase of spills. If something does happen, a new cover is only $50! That’s a lot better than a new couch!

I have a few finishing touches to put on my bedroom, but it is almost complete, too! The final step? Finding a bistro table/chair set for the balcony sunroom outside! It has been a storage room for so long, it will be nice to have a spot outside for the spring and summer. Pictures to come!


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