Sunroom for Summer!

The weather in Portland has been amazing lately – nearing 80 degrees all weekend! I definitely made time to enjoy the park and be outside. My most exciting weekend accomplishment was finishing my sunroom set!

I had been searching online forever trying to find a bistro table and chairs. Most brand new sets are $300, even from Ikea! They are still fairly expensive on Craigslist, too – around $100. I needed a tall table and chair set because our sunroom only has windows on the top half of the wall. We tried putting a couch out there before, but you are forced to stare at the wall!

Luckily I found a set of brown chairs for $30 total. They seemed fairly high quality and were unique from the cheap barstools that comprise most of the ads on Craigslist. After I purchased the chairs, I needed the table! Unfortunately most tables were either black or plastic. I needed something to match the chairs and I wasn’t against staining wood – but none of the tables were wood! After two months of checking, I finally came across an ad for a table, but I wasn’t sure it would fit in my Honda Civic. She refused to deliver even with an additional fee! After I begged her to check to see if the legs came off, she discovered that they did. I purchased the table and squeezed it into the backseat of my car.

The staining process went pretty smoothly. I bought a dark brown stain for around $4 and spent about an hour applying it. I let it dry for an entire week. My last staining adventure taught me that sometimes it takes several days to dry! I’d like to think it looks pretty sharp! There are a few spots where you can see the lighter wood, but they don’t bother me. Now I just need to find table top decor and cute plants to put on the patio (and fix the gross, uneven floor!) I can’t wait to drink out there this summer.




One peculiar thing about the sunroom is that it doesn’t have any outlets, so we can’t hang lights. I have the perfect patio lights, but I can’t figure out how to plug them in! Using an extension cord would require keeping the screen door open about an inch – plus it would look pretty tacky!


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