The Tofurky Trot

In an effort to make September the most productive month of the year, I signed up for the Tofurky Trot 5k Run! It takes place on Thanksgiving morning, so I have exactly 3 months to train. This is going to be a feat because I am the worst runner imaginable! I can swim laps for hours, but it takes serious effort for me to run for a prolonged amount of time. Unlike classes that I have to sign up for, running is so easy to blow off. “It’s too hot outside.” “It’s raining.” “I’ll do it tomorrow morning.” But now that I’ve paid a whopping $30, there’s no way I am backing out!

I have the Couch to 5k app which helps you train 3x/week for 9 weeks. I plan on continuing to go to my fitness classes, but also start running the 30 minutes of my lunch break. I get an hour and it takes me about 10 minutes to eat my lunch. What do I do with the other 50? Absolutely nothing! Usually I just sit and
chat with the doctor who shares my lunch time. I could be burning calories and getting stronger!

In addition to this 5k, I’ve also decided to do the Plank Challenge. It is a super popular month-long challenge that trains you to slowly increase the amount of time you can plank. I know, I know – planks are easy, right? You’re just laying there! THINK AGAIN! Planking is my #1 dreaded activity in class. It uses every single muscle group from your biceps to your shoulders to your core to your glutes and thighs. Just try to do it for 30 seconds and see if you’re not shaking! I’ll update on the 1st of October and let you know if I survived!



One thought on “The Tofurky Trot

  1. Good luck with your event!! Sounds like training is on track! Feel free to check out some of my posts from the Sydney City2Surf last month… I’m not a runner so found any advice useful for my 14k challenge! Xx

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