Fitness Update!

I am so close to accomplishing something I never thought possible – running an entire 5k! I’ve never been a runner, but I love challenges, so I knew I had to overcome my fear of running and sign up for the Turkey Trot. I’ve been using the 5k Runner app for the last 9 weeks and I only have 1 week left!

This journey has been eye opening. I never thought I would be able to lace up my shoes and run for 35 minutes straight. Even the first weeks of “Run 5 minutes, Walk 2 minutes” felt impossible at the time, but as I built endurance and overcame the mental block, it seems laughably easy in retrospect.

I attribute my success to two factors: scheduling my runs during my lunch breaks and listening to podcasts while I run. Once I get home from work, it is so easy to come up with excuses – “I’m so tired,” “I need to do laundry and cook before I can run!” “It’s too cold out.” But when I am trapped at work with nothing else to do, it is easy to find the time. In fact, it is a great stress reliever! I feel so much more accomplished during the rest of the day, knowing I’ve already gotten my run in. Secondly, I listen to podcasts as a way to distract myself from the agony of running. I started off the program listening only to music, but my playlist became boring after day 4. It’s true that music is a good motivator, but once I’ve heard the song several times, it loses its punch. I like listening to podcasts because they are a form a storytelling and it is totally distracting! Plus, I feel like I am simultaneously training my body AND mind.

I’ll definitely update with some photos and stats from race day. I don’t plan on aiming for speed at this point – just completion! If I can run the entire 5k without stopping, I’ll be ecstatic. Even if I finish last in my age group, I’ll be a champ. It still feels pretty surreal that I’m about to accomplish this. I’ve had the app for about 2-3 years but could never break through the 3rd week. I definitely plan on downloading the 10k Runner app, but it sounds even more scary!

In addition to running, I’ve also started my second Whole 30! I plan on dedicating the entire month of November to clean eating and eliminating sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes. Halloween definitely did a number on me and I’m sad to have wasted some progress on one extravagant weekend.

To help motivate my second Whole 30, I am participating in the app Diet Bet. It is a very interesting concept where you can join a month-long challenge. You “buy in” with $25 or $35 and are given 4 weeks to lose 4% of your weight. If you fail, you get nothing back. If you succeed, you split the pot with the other winners! I am extremely monetarily motivated, so I know I will stop at no cost to earn my money back!

Now I’m off to attend a barre class – think ballet meets cardio and lots and lots of leg shaking!


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