Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom

Our last 3 days were filled with a lot of sightseeing! Joe and I took another day to do our own things. He went to the beer museum and I went to a few beautiful parks! First I walked through our quaint neighborhood. It was absolutely adorable and I purchased breakfast from a little bakery that spoke no English. It’s amazing how well pointing and grunting works! I also stumbled upon a temple across from the metro station!


I went to Ueno Park and found more fish bread! I found a cute spot and ate breakfast before walking along the water to see the cherry blossoms. It blew my mind how populated the city is! People were EVERYWHERE.


I ended up going to 3 different parks all across the city. Yoyogi was definitely my favorite – it was the least populated, so it felt like I was actually in nature. It took me all day to transverse the city on foot to get from park to park, so by the time I made it to Yoyogi, it was dinner! I found a food cart serving steamed pork buns, so I bought one. I also purchased what I thought was carbonated milk, but turned out to be a sports drink! Haha.


Joe and I planned to meet at a nearby bar. It was full of westerners but had amazing beer! We each had two flights and then left after the Irish men next to us began to scream across the table. At least Americans aren’t that obnoxious!

We wanted to see the famous Shibuya Crossing – an giant 5-way intersection with no rules! When the pedestrian sign turns green, you can walk across the street at any angle you want!

The best view of this is from the Starbucks overlooking the intersection, so we joined the throngs of tourists and bought lattes and fought for a spot to take photos.


It was crazy! There are just so many people everywhere. Even more insane is how big of a tourist attraction it has become. Where else do people take photos of crosswalks? Abbey Road, but I think thats it!

Afterward, we went to our local 7/11 to get water (we were constantly dehydrated!) and I found an interesting snack that quickly became my favorite! It is shrink wrapped fish wrapped around spray cheese. It sounds nasty, but it was so good. Joe refused to try it and all of my coworkers thought it looked revolting, too!


We grabbed drinks at a few nearby bars and then turned in for the night. The following day was our final day full day in Tokyo, so we wanted to rest up!


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