Why Portland?

Now that I have returned to the US and my study abroad blog has transformed into a life blog, I figured it was time to update the “Why Jordan?” page into the “Why Portland?” page. My father often reminisces about his young adulthood and how his job offer from P&G dictated where he chose to live. Everyone in his generation put their career first and believed that happiness comes as a result of success. He has pointed out an interesting dichotomy between his baby boomer generation and my fellow millennials. Perhaps it is due to the still-stunted economy and bleak job market, but we prioritize “quality of life” above career options. I’m sure I could use my father’s connections to find a great job in Cincinnati, but I don’t want that. I don’t want my entire life to exist within the same 50 mile radius and, more importantly, I don’t want to ride his coat tails of success. My experience in Portland, Oregon, this past summer was eye opening. Sure, I had moved to Denver not knowing a soul, but several other students were in the same boat. I moved to Portland not knowing anyone and I was alone in that endeavor. Somehow, I made so many close friends in Portland during my short internship and that is a strong factor motivating me to return. In addition, I love the vibe of Portland. Where Cincinnati feels industrious and Denver feels like the front range, Portland feels young and vibrant. Everyone drawn to the city has similar interests of being environmentally conscious, artistic, and eager to meet everyone. People in Portland throw house parties and invite strangers off the street and treat them like family. It has an unmistakable small-town feel, but with all of the amenities of a large city. No wonder it has topped the lists of “Best Cities in America” for 2013. It is a magical place that I absolutely love to call home!


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